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Lidatek Lidatek LE 30 Single

This product is not available to buy online - please call us on 0870 80 80 870 or contact us online to purchase or for more information
Manufacturer Lidatek
Product Lidatek LE 30 Single
Stockcode LE 30 single
Category Radar detectors
Stock Expected in 5 Days
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This product is not available to buy online - please call us on 0870 80 80 870 or contact us online to purchase or for more information
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Lidatek Lidatek LE 30 Single product details

The LE-30 is a laser transmitter which emits the same 904nm lightwave which the police use on their hand held laser speed guns. The result of this is that it confuses the police radar guns, typically preventing them from taking a speed reading. The new LE-30 is more discreet and has many features not available with previous models. The LE-30 can automatically mute the car stereo to alert the driver and at the same time gives a visual warning too that it has detected police laser and will power down in 5 seconds to prevent further interference. For a covert installation, the unit can be connected to an existing warning light (such as the handbrake light) as well as sounding an audio alert. Extra transponders are available for rear protection and/or for larger vehicles.

How It Works

A laser gun works best when aimed at highly reflective flat surfaces such as headlights or registration plates. Its internal computer measures the time it takes for the pulse it sent out to return.

After doing this many times, it can display how the target vehicle's distance is changing with time (i.e. its speed.) A laser gun will usually transmit about 100 individual pulses of infra-red light in the one-third second it takes to calculate a vehicle's speed. With pinpoint accuracy, its narrow beam can pick out one vehicle in a group. This means the laser gun's beam is normally 3 4 feet wide at a distance of 1000 feet. Laser guns generally target between 600 to 1200 feet. (A radar beam's wavelength is longer, and therefore much wider.)

Additional Transponder Kit

A second laser transponder is available to plug into the junction box of the LE30 should you have a large vehicle like a van or lorry. The additional transponder can also be used if you want to give yourself that extra bit of coverage for protection from being lasered from the rear.

It is possible that a device this effective could be perceived as interfering with the ability of a police officer to carry out his job if the unit is turned on, which theoretically means you could be charged with obstruction. Therefore we cannot recommend its use in the UK! and recommend that if you are using it in the UK and detect police laser then the unit should be switched off.
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